Rehearsal Studios

Camden Guitars offers wonderful spaces for rehearsal and recording. There are two studios available.

The big studio is perfect for band rehearsals, jam sessions, also a good fit for vocal groups. The big studio fits up to 6-8 people.

Big Studio includes:
⚫️ Hughes & Kettner Attax 80
⚫️ Vox AD100VT
⚫️ Mapex Mars Series Drum Kit
⚫️ Behringer Ultrabass BX4410 450W 4×10″ Combo
⚫️ Studiomaster Club2000 102 DSP Audio Mixer
⚫️ Bose L1 Compact Amplification PA System

The small studio is great for recording and rehearsing for singer/songwriters, duos and smaller bands. The small studio fits up to 3-4 people.

Small studio includes:
⚫️ Mackie 408S Powered Mixer
⚫️ Marshall Valvestate 100V, Model 8100
⚫️ Rockburn Full Size 5 Piece Drum Kit
⚫️ Page Amplification 8B Bass Guitar amplifier

Monday – Sunday from 10:00 – 23:00.
For bookings or further informations, please contact us.