Welcome to Camden Guitars.

Much more than just a guitar shop: a community built for music lovers and guitar connoisseurs.

Camden Guitars is an independent shop, which serves as a community hub for musicians. Buskers and local musicians are known to congregate here regularly on a Wednesday afternoon for their open mic which is held in the shop window.

Now also selling vinyls, Camden Guitars embraces the culture that it feeds off. Aside from always finding a friendly face indoors, come and have a look at the rarest and most beautiful guitars. Not just a reseller for big brands, Camden Guitars prides itself with its own brand guitars designed by owner Deicola Neves. An impressive bass collection to boost, it also sells vintage instruments of all sorts – one could easily spend an afternoon in the shop and still not see it all.

Rehearsal and recording studios are available to hire, and are located below the shop. Music lessons for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Songwriting are also on offer, offered by the Mendis Music school.

Here a little video outlining what Camden Guitars is all about. (Credit: Cynthia Soneghet)